Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, Migraine, Raynaud’s disease

chronic migrainesLoan  Caroline and my sons again when I what’s in first grade. That migraine headaches dilutes suffering one my forehead and can concentrate. Symptoms begin to do you that and soon next thing that experience was middle school again. Sometimes to be telling me a ans that was helpless and confident there be but still proceeded. The next thing that’s struggled with was I’m housing crime you some was very very nice disabling slips lot is terrible funded memory problems. Mannose depression that I E also that I’m houses sometimes with that. And a very cold hands and feets and I E couldn’t get warm. Andbut a year ago I hit my head that it been skull fracture and the temperature problems steroids for sale begin to get worse and my hands nobody turned purple ins 40 degree weather obsessive freezing outside. I couldn’t be outside the winner very very cold and I liked yeah three-person link to the outside. So does so hard for me to stay inside and I had this business year and I work for the evening evening I got its and I noticed and a nice and my hands some first time in years. I’m I didn’t I’m know what your hands feeling and my body all soon after and his minions warm. The whole body don’t accept my feet be wrinkles on extremely warm and I had these homeless fevers feelings my rabin loose or my head to between feeling warm. Adjusts its feeling of heaviness and Tom continue to wear it. Ands those symptoms started to subside that my body remained very very warm. And I did sleep that night levels and Sonya. Thats some important see what else color this some maybe yeah headaches be good because I’m under a lot of stress studying right now. But us yeah so good mean for the future review.


Hormone Therapy Migraine Headaches & Menopause- Hormonal Clarity Diagnostics salivary hormone test

Migraines and hormonesThe my name is Mary Joe Phillips and I live in Clarion Pennsylvania. Well now the typical drill with menopause hot flashes irritability mood swings on but them oath am traveling sent them all with bad headaches I don’t like the headaches. Very destructive my life. Had a migraine headaches may become about every two weeks but they my doctor showed me those aren’t migraine. It had to be something else. I was on every kinda medication you can think of and I no it’s not a tension headache and I know it’s not a migraine absolutely positive. Now it had to be something when it was alluded me Intel happily sitting in document kathy’s chair one day and he said hey. Which ever think about hormonal testing you know .to which I am pleased the affect Lee said are you kidding me you mean there’s help for me out there where do I go sign me up. Hey it’s extremely easy. You know when people think test they think you know blood and needles and you know shots in on people have bring over them in invasive techniques in aliens and comb miserable hospitals and this is the easiest thing in the world to. Get up you smell lemon your salivating and use that one can I tell you is that hard play hard. Person for my last I with in power here is you know there is something to this idea that hormones can affect your health and I’m the second thing of course when I went to my doctor. She said a doctor Kathy said hey you know what your levels message in a little bit high want to talk to your doctor about this since I did and she lower the dosage after 10. So am happy puppy. People tend to like me now including my husband I think I’m just nobody’s happier. Hormones are singing in harmony now. Absolutely without a doubt one how often do you see a tacit non invasive and you feel that you have control because you’ll someone to actually sit down and explain the outcome and what’s going on. You know I’m why this you know hormone does this in effect this. So on I have to I actually paid for out of pocket that’s how thrilled and happy i was. Ok menopausal woman and i win encourage you to do this its non-invasive it cannot hurt you. On and it can only help you immeasurably. It’s not hurting you and its empowering you and its if you wanna basis on which the open discussion with your physician her health care. I have so much faith and trust on in his credentials as backgrounds personality his professionalism that anything that he would recommend to me I would do and in this case. I’m absolutely for and I follow through on something he recommended and.

3 What is A Migraine?

What is A MigraineTranscript: What is a migraine? (And who needs The Migraine Revolution?) Hello, I’m Lee, the migraine rebel. If your question is, “What is a migraine?” you’ve come to the right place. Imagine your dentist told you: “Tooth decay is a specific kind of bad breath.” And the only therapy he offers you, is mouthwash. Even though the mouthwash might give you some relief from the smelly breath, you would still tackle the underlying problem: the tooth decay. If you only cared about the stinky symptom, things could get pretty ugly for your teeth. And then mouthwash won’t help you much anymore. Am I right? That’s why a dentist would never say: “Tooth decay is a specific kind of bad breath.” Because it’s nonsense, but it could tempt some people to rely on mouthwash only. And things could get pretty ugly. Imagine your cardiologist told you: “A heart attack is a specific kind of chest pain.” And the only rehabilitation he offers you, is pain medication. Even though the pain medication might give you some relief from the chest pain, you would still tackle the underlying problem: the coronary heart-disease. Everybody knows: After a heart attack you need to exercise, follow a healthy diet, rein in your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, learn stress-management-techniques and more. If you only cared about the chest pain, things could get pretty ugly for your heart. And then pain-medication won’t help you much anymore. Can we agree here? That’s why a cardiologist would never say: “A heart attack is a specific kind of chest pain.” Because it is nonsense, but it could tempt some patients to rely on pain medication only. And things could get pretty ugly. Imagine your migraine-doctor told you: “Migraine is a specific kind of headache.” And the only therapy he offers you, is headache medication. Even though the drugs might give you some temporary relief, you would still want to solve the underlying problem. If you only cared about the attack symptoms, things could get pretty ugly for you in the long run. And that’s why you would tackle the causes of the migraine-disorder and not rely on headache medication only. Do we understand each other? Therefore migraine-doctors would never say: “Migraine is a specific kind of headache.” Because it is nonsense. But it could tempt some patients to rely on migraine medication only. And things could get pretty ugly. Of course, a dentist would never say: “Tooth decay is a specific kind of bad breath.” And a cardiologist would never say: “A heart attack is a specific kind of chest pain.” And a migraine doctor would never say:”Migraine is a specific kind of headache.” Because it is nonsense and things could get pretty ugly for all those patients, who rely on mouthwash and medication only. (Video Dr. R. Lipton: “Migraine is a specific kind of headache.”) Oooops. What was that? (Video Dr. Lipton again: “Migraine is a specific kind of headache.”) I guess I was wrong. That’s a bit of a surprise. Isn’t it? Some people would now protest: “A migraine is more than just a headache.” And then they would list all the other symptoms during a migraine attack like neck pain, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, and so on. That is a bit like asserting: “Tooth decay is more than just bad breath. I also have a bad taste in my mouth. I need more mouthwash.” Or like claiming: “A heart attack is more than just chest pain. I also have pain in my left arm. I need more pain medication.”

For too many migraine patients things have gotten ugly, because they were told: (“Migraine is a specific kind of headache.”)/ (“Migraines are severe, nearly disabling headaches.”) / (“Migraine is more than just a headache.”) In all three cases, it’s all about the symptoms during an attack. Not once about the underlying condition that leads to the attacks. We already know that things can get pretty ugly if you merely care about the symptoms and rely on mouthwash only. Am I right? Imagine that people you care about had been brainwashed into believing that mouthwash was the right therapy for tooth decay. Imagine your generation had been told that pain killers do away with the need for heart rehabilitation after a heart attack. Would you stand up for them and shout “Enough with this nonsense!” ? Well, here is your chance: Join the Migraine Revolution! _______________ Migraine is the name of a health condition, not another word for headache. In 6% of men and in 18% of women various glitches in body, mind and brain lead to the recurring brain instability that we call the migraine attack. This lack of stability, leads to several brain malfunctions, which can even mimic a stroke. Like in this famous example: (Video reporter Serene Branson showing severe speech problems) Head pain is a frequent symptom during migraine attacks, but at least 15% of attacks occur without any headache. Also, several signs and symptoms of migraine can be found even between the attacks. “Migraine is just a headache” and “Migraine is more than just a headache” are equally misleading statements. Because both sentences imply that the attack is the only problem and that there is no underlying condition. That is complete nonsense Can you see how migraine patients are being brainwashed. So much so that they themselves call their attack symptoms “a migraine” and “migraines”. Logically, they’re left without a word and without a thought for the underlying problems. And logically, things have gotten ugly for way too many of them. The expressions “a migraine” and “migraines” are proof that it’s time to stand up and shout: “Enough with this nonsense!” Are you with me? You have shown a lot of interest in migraine. It’s time for the migraine revolution. Will you join in this historic effort? Please like this video, sign up and let others know about The Migraine Revolution. Every voice counts. For more information, please visit:

Understanding the Hemiplegic Migraine

hemiplegic migraineIt’s  a horrifying moment believes you helpless in the condition that still baffles many doctors watches the CBS reporter experience is one on air.

Well berry berry heavy do it burt Asian we had a very dares dares than but let’s go ahead tears. What looks in sounds like a stroke it actually a rare and very complicated migraine called the hemiplegic migraine.

It’s different from the stroke because its it is transient doesn’t leave any permanent damage on the brain.

Difference but eerily similar and possibly connected.

It’s been known to your knowledge is that if if someone has to stand mind means that they have all that struck risk factors the chances for having a stroke is high.

On however there are ways to decrease your chances.

High blood pressure and diabetes they have high cholesterolthis malt there on estrogen hormones. Those they need to be controlled.

So what happens if you’re driving in all the sudden you experience the hemiplegic migraine. You feel sometimes and dizziness confusion numbness or slurred speech. That’s a doctor dice says don’t take any chances pullover or call 911 right away for TT 11 News. I’m shall begin with lynn.


Migraine Signs and Symptoms

signs and symptoms of migrainesAnd  maintains about signs and symptoms of migraines migrant making a little bit confusing. Essays BK this year me migrant I may have migrants me in exact same time actually news that have been commonly. The actual hey me company but not at different times and symptoms as well and this can include things like sensitivity to light bright lights sensitivity to light and license and signs of migraine not me and mommy lightheadedness dizziness as well there’s many options. But the doesn’t most common consolation. Not just because you’re having headaches not mean to having migraines. There are several other serious conditions that he presented a bad headache which is that people sometimes think that my parents are. If you’re having a Kane happening after any kind of trauma he position right away. If you haven’t eaters seizures any kind loss sensational or strain reset any yours me me see addition right away migraine signs your head exchange and their character when a teacher I should probably see positions in. You’re having any headache and that is sirna and it’s because you concerned should definitely see a physician seen it.

Ocular Migraine ¦ Treatment and Symptoms

ocular migraine symptomsEcho  in my ocular migraine symptoms grains. Usually cause temporary vision loss or distortion in one nine usually accompanied or followed by a headache. They are also called rental migrant. My migraine rough talmud migraines. Ako eh migraines are caused by a ocular migraine without headache sudden tightening or constriction on blood vessels which reduces blood flow to the eye. Symptoms of after margaret evans partial vision loss skinless or blind spots in your vision flashes of light ac color. Migraines treatment treatment depends on identifying behavior. Luxury cars migraine such as stress sleep deprivation skipped meals food sensitivities or specific activities. Medicines used to treat rental migraine s include aspirin other n_s_a_ reyaz and medicines introduce high what causes ocular migraines blood pressure. Echoing migraines is a common disease yet every individual needs you need treatment and care. We encourage people with actor migraines and their families to learn as much as possible about the latest medical treatment and approaches ocular migraine causes as well as healthy lifestyle choices. For more information about after my grains and how to treat after migraines just click on the link at description or visit ocular migraine triggers made an empty dot com. Thank you.

Migraine, Pelvic Pain, Endometriosis, Premenstrual Syndrome

menstrual migrainesThe thanks for watching. Women friends fans followers. Our shoe sick and tired of being sick and tired each month. Driving that time in the month when your PMS rules. Haven’t you just had it with the debilitating horrible cramps run your life. Out repeatedly in the end up in the ER when you mister migrants who you like a 10 pound sledge hammer. The pain and anxiety insurers that occurs when you’re in new mattresses flowers every month. It this is you let me share with you some options that can help you hopefully go menstrual migraines to a better more natural place. There give you help in transforming to a better place with Los risk for cancers and a better quality of life. Whom I wash you listen to me my name is Dan purser. I’m an EMT a lot of the you know me. Love you’ve read my books are heard me speak or see me speak or seen other videos are produced. I’ve had several number one hits a best-selling books on Amazon. I hope speak all over the world I do endocrinology research in this area. Have including a text book I wrote on preventive medicine as key positions and patients and the public about all those stop. So hopefully the casual social proof read so you’ll listen to me in in here what I have to say. I’ve helped hundreds of women get off the synthetics and birth control pill and narcotics merry-go-round. In getting to transform help them to transform to a better more natural place. That’s where wanna take you if you listen. So why don’t we start within a review it but she’s patient my great lady really lover super nice and hear me interviewer and we’ll go from there. Thank you again for listing. For what reasons jeepers comes. I was tired a lot had a lot of cramping my period and face complexion was awful horrible. And generally just didn’t he’ll myself felt like I was quite a bit older. MIA chose 33 I think I can see. 110 yeah well you preserve them I first heard about you through my church. And I first heard about you through you. Yes and you’re left alone what was your major medical problem my main issue was a.m. Just tired all the time I felt like just couldn’t on some function things were things were hard to do even just little chores. Were hard to do and I didn’t know what was wrong and the doctor said I was just fine and so tried to believe it. So what what were the. I was on a birth control at the time. Scary. A little bit because what day what they did it was I’m one of menstrual migraine treatment those that goes right in your uterus so that didn’t scare. Me yeah that did scare. Me like that there’ll. No I in fact because my parents were so painful and I had a lot of digestive upset you know around that thought my problems could be possibly linked to that. Actually want to even see a specialist and they can only come up they can you know they didn’t. Now they can link it up and they didn’t think it was I guess hormones were the word they even use when you’re in that doctors office. I dunno dialing well you absolutely did. The second I walked in the office he said you need it I can see it on your face .you progesterone you liked it yeah it works very well for me. Still is 10-plus years later still works anomaly. So me yard I do the RDT yep I too am purse crime between one and I can remember the rest but right around there I’m you told me you know just take a feeling I’m taking about for right now. You like that. It works great for works great makes. My skin great helps my mental attitude helps my focus. It creates a sense of well-being. I feel like my hormones are being balanced. You sleep well. Very well because it you run I haven’t been able to run for personal injury minor but I would love to get back to it. Yet to run. A lot a lot daily running yeah. So we skirted you know that’s a good question am .being science minded I kinda looked it up and everybody gets the scare because the menstrual migraine symptoms the biggest thing they know about as the animal hormone. Yeah from the mayor’s a camera that’s called premarin. Yeah and so questions okay there we go. So anyway a I trusted you and I’m so glad because it helped and still does help. Wheels not only it helps not only my physical but my mental well-being that was what the combination of the two was powerful for me. Yeah was. You like this more natural 100 percent. 100 percent how’s your life natural treatment there. Well I feel like I am adding to what in my body wants there and so I’m building the way that it was meant to. I’m balancing the way that my body was meant to be balanced. And i’ll I do I will I will use alternate methods whenever I can. Moment yeah so. So your PMS on gone sleep sleep much better go to sleep faster. Their I have no pain no pain and i can always tell if I need to go up on my progesterone like we talked about before my period because i’ll get just an ever so slight you know cramping and that helps me to know i’ll you’re getting close to that. Name a paper just a little bit helps with everything migraines and menstrual cycle I don’t get PMS anymore. So like your are more hopeful now sir kinda. Yeah it’s an antidepressant it is a natural antidepressant 100 percent. What is the cost you not help a. Probably clinically depressed but. I have I am I have a number good methods to keep health and my body. And when I found this specific this progesterone. I feel like it has enhanced every aspect my life. What I done with my life. Am I’m reading grading I’m wanna the well most or most grating readers in Utah now. A lot of people games. Really lol website I do I do have a website. At Sage mountain danes dot com and if you have to have strength and you have to have mobility and you have to have mental acuteness in order to have a breed of dog like this and this progesterone has made my life livable. It’s made my life wonderful and it’s helped me realize that I can live my dreams. Not producer natural world it’s all. Everything everything’s made a difference. Everything. Natural. You have been is your plan yep directory. No no I have had a wonderful hell in history. Thank you yeah. Think okay. Did you enjoy that. So for the next few videos I’m a share with you tricks in tips in coping strategies to help you transform to a better more natural place help you with your PMS you mister migrants in your in to meet your sis. I’m gonna help you understand why you should wanna transform away from the synthetics in our car wrecks in all those kinda things are you taking now that scare you. They give your risk for cancer to give your worse for plots now shoo the literature in its key issue why there are better options out there. I’m not looking for new patients I’m just trying to help you I’m just trying to educate you can transfer you all hope positions around you find you as a patient now if you want hope you find a pace RC Church. So do that too so come with me hang with me what’s happened over the next few videos they need some help from you too. If you could please leave your comments messages below what causes menstrual migraines alternate answer everything remember hapa. We don’t want to violate her pussy wanna talk about friends. Friends don’t leave dates a berth things like that don’t ask me questions personally about your can answer them. In are trying to answer everyone’s questions who have a lot of fun doing this and let’s see what we can do it how I can help you improve your life. Thank you. My name is Dan purser doctor Dan purser and got close going good health.